Medioker Branding

It’s a strange paradox… the more we seem to be killing ourselves to succeed, the more mediocre everything seems to become. Look around. Rising mediocrity is swallowing us whole. Fashion. Movie scripts. Commanders in Chief.

It’s super clear in advertising. Since I’ve been doing it, we’ve gone from a brand message like “Lexus. The pursuit of excellence.” to “Lemonade. Homeowners insurance that doesn’t suck.” Gimme soma that, suck-free insurance. Here’s a Medioker shout out to

While we’re at, let’s work on some other old style slogans. The Army’s “Be All That You Can Be” should, today, be more like “Be As Much As You Have To Be.” Micky D should back off “I’m Loving It” and settle for “I’m OK With It.”